Jesus-Christ-Will-ChangeYourLife.jpgOrder this lovely Flag/ Banner for your decorations year round. His Loving Majesty Collection presents this Licensed 12X18″ Jesus Christ Your Life Flag/Banner with Black Curved 13″ Bracket .Includes 2-2″ Screws for easy hanging.Our work is readable on both sides! These Message Artwork Decorative Designs  holds the Touched By An Angel Trade mark of excellence.

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Available  “I Love You-Trust Me-Almighty God. Available in  12×18″ Flag/banner includes a 13″ black curved Bracket and 2-2 ” screws. Colors  Red, Royal Blue, Gold,White

IWillWalkWithYou2 Available  “I Will Walk With You – The Lord  Your God. Available in  12×18″ Flag/banner includes a 13″ black curved Bracket and 2-2 ” screws. Colors: Emerald Green, Royal Blue, Rich Gold.

5 Responses to FLAGS AND BANNERS

  1. desgnngaws says:

    Is this tangible life?

    What time is life? Does it everlastingly end?

    dean be awsum


  2. LaurenV says:

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  3. MichaelcelM says:

    It is a pity, that now I can not express – there is no free time. I will be released – I will necessarily express the opinion.

    • flyjesus says:

      Micheal —stay focused on Christ teachings, you will be free-He is your all and all! Ask him for wisdom and understanding,it is yours! @www.flyyourfaithgallery.com

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